Honeybees As Pollinators

Honeybees are typically raised tp produce honey and other products like wax and propolis. At New Urban Bees our goal is to focus on honeybees as  pollinators.

The Honeybee Workers

There are several thousand female worker bees in a honeybee colony. They usually live for three to four weeks and have these jobs according to their age.

- Cleaner  bees: first week of life
- Nurse bees: second week of life
- Foragers/pollinators: third and fourth week of life

The Honeybee Queen

Most colonies of honeybees have a single queen. Her job is to lay eggs that result in new workers, drones and new queens. She can live up to three years and prroduce thousands of new bees.

The Honeybee Drones

A honeybee colony usually has a couple of hundred drones (the only males). Their only job is to mate with a new queen from another colony. The drones usually die in the Fall. The queen will lay unfertilized eggs in the Spring to replentish the drone numbers.