Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are native to Georgia. There are quite a few species but most have similar characteristics.

Bumble bees are semi-social, meaning that they are live in colonies during the summer but die out (except for a few queens) over winter.

The queens hibernate and start a new colony in the Spring.

Bumble Bees are Great Pollinators

There are several species of bumble bees native to Georgia. They are more efficient pollinators than honeybees so a smaller colony of bumble bees can equal a larger colony of honeybees for pollinating your garden.

Bumble Bee Colonies

All the bees in a bumble bee colony die in the late Fall except for a few fertilized queens. The queens hibernate in protected spot until the warm weather of Spring. Then they look for a nest site and start a new colony.

The queen will lay a few hundred eggs in her new nest. The new worker bumble bees that hatch out will gather nectar and pollen to feed the colony. These are the pollinators we need for our gardens.