Helping The Pollinators
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is to promote the presence of bees as polinators in the urban setting. We will help gardeners learn about and install small honeybee hives, bumble bee nests and solitary bee nesting boxes.
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Basic Beekeeping

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Honeybees At Work

Honeybee Hive

Choose a small honeybee hive for easy integration into your garden.

This hive is about 10" square and 12" high. It mounts on a metal T-post, tree or fence.

The smaqll colony size helps reduce interaction with pets and neighbors.

A Bumble Bee Nest In A Garden

Bumble bees are great pollinators!

Here is a bumble bee nest box made from a concrete block and two patio blocks. All it needs now is for a bumble bee queen to move in.

Solitary bees are good polllinators Too

Mason bees and leaf-cutter bees can pollinate your garden without intruding on your space.

Simple containers hold hollow tubes that can attract solitary bees.